Design, execution and authorized service for special extinguishing system

Aninoasa Tim takes on contractually the needs of the beneficiaries regarding the consultancy, the periodic checks and the release of the adjacent documents, the execution or the design of the special extinguishing systems.

Generally, as a technical equipment, within these installations we include the extinguishing systems with CO2 or special gases, with aerosols, foams or other substances, the choice of the typology being in close connection with the needs of the beneficiary and with the goal to be protected (server-rooms, sensitivities to dust or moisture, storage of hazardous materials, areas that are difficult to reach or without the possible supervision people, etc.).

Aninoasa Tim

Authorized by Centrul Național de Securitate la Incendiu si Protecție Civilă and certified by related organisms, Aninoasa Tim takes over the organization, the maintenance and the solution of the fire prevention or extinguishing needs within the contractual responsibility established with its beneficiaries.
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